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1. Welcome to this blog!

2. The blog is written in the daily work in order to learn them some notes or ideas to organize together,and to be able to find them more easily when needed;

3. A lot of people accustomed to using Evernote notes or similar applications to record some of their own information, However they have a problem can not be solved, it is not online;

4. Online search for the settlement of the problem anytime, anywhere, they can also share their own experiences to those who need it, do both;

5. Notes to record our personal growth process, perhaps a lot of notes are no longer needed now(for other people, or perhaps needs), but the pace of the previous view, let us recall the original appearance this is a very wonderful feeling;

6. Blog moved several times and platform changes, some valuable information has been lost or abandoned in this deeply regret, thank those who helped me and supported me! !

7. Comments or suggestions, please e-mail to [email protected]